How to get Motivational Quotes in YOUR Inbox Every Day. 🌹

..without having to track them all down yourself. ❤️

If you’ve ever found a great source of positive or motivational quotes, read a bunch of them, loved them and vowed to come back later but never did…

…guess what?  It’s really not your fault.  The Internet is like that.

Finding previously visited sites can take longer than finding new ones. 🤷🏻

We get distracted by a YouTube video 🐶, and another one, someone just messaged you on Facebook and the phone rang.

These sites are experts at keeping your attention, that’s what they do best.

Now where were those great quotes?

They really motivated me but I can’t find them.

The way you currently look for those great quotes is not going to work very well for you unless you’re lucky.

Google constantly changes which sites they think should get the traffic, not the ones you like but the ones they like.

And they penalise sites that they don’t like by hiding them from you.

Too bad if you liked it, Google doesn’t so it’s gone.

Well the solution is right here.

Google doesn’t control email.

We have scoured the Internet and libraries to find all the best quotes we can and put them all together here for you.

This is a sample of some motivational quotes we have found (opens in a new page) you could also check out out Facebook page here

We will email them to you, one per day so you have time to really think about each one and get the maximum benefit from it.

Not only do you get one per day but you get them for a whole year, yes 365 uplifting and motivating quotes that you can collect into their own folder in the email service to read and re-read as often as you like.

Stick that in your pipe Mr. Google.

What you won’t have to do:-

  • Search the Internet daily.
  • Deal with the vagaries of the Google mindset.
  • Cope with slow Internet speeds.
  • Bookmark a bunch of pages.
  • Get distracted by cat videos.
  • Get distracted by interesting but not relevant links.

What do you have to do?

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