A Motivational Quote Can Help Your Day.

There is nothing quite like a good, uplifting motivational quote to boost your mood.

People have used quotes from famous and notable people for centuries.

We use them for all sorts of reasons, sometimes it’s to guide others, sometimes to guide ourselves.

A cup of coffee and a great motivational quote to start your day.
Start your day motivated and caffeinated.

Such as “A stitch in time saves nine” which means that doing the repair now will save a bigger repair later. This little proverb was first written down in 1732. Interestingly this phrase is an anagram of “this is meant as incentive” which it is.

Another motivational quote that seems relevant today is “All things must pass”, this is a slight misquote from the Bible – King James version Matthew 24:6-8. The sentiment though is valid and feeds into one of my favourite sayings “All we can guarantee in life is that it will change.”

We use these because they stick in the mind an help us to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done and not procrastinate.  They also help us stay positive, which is important for your wellbeing.

There are many, many more of these. I’m sure you can think quite a few up yourself given a little time.

What we have done is build a collection of over 365 quotes from all ages and a diverse range of people.   We now have a collection of positive quotes, motivational quotes, life quotes, family & parenting quotes and so much more.  We’ve dumped all the racist, sexist or just plain offensive ones and we are actively searching for more.


On this site we will post one per day so you can come in here everyday and get the latest quote.

We also post them on our Facebook page if you prefer.

We may put them together in a book if the demand is high enough.

Enjoy the site, leave comments, tell us your favourite quote.