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Beat Anxiety

Anxiety, control it!

“Easier said than done” hmm “pls show me if you know how!”

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Inspire others to be great 👍🏽

Ever had that aha moment when you hear something inspirational from someone? A little piece of motivation from the mouth or hand of someone you may or may not know.  It maybe something which forces you to push on with something you where previously stuck with. How did it feel to be inspired by a complete stranger?

On the other hand, have you ever received a little unexpected thank you from someone because your words or actions pushed them to do something great? How did it feel? You probably didn’t make any financial or matierialistic gains but wow! Doesn’t it feel great?

At some point in our lives most of us are touched and inspired by a member of society. There’s been a few of these moments in my life when I have been pushed to act due to some words of inspiration. I feel like I owe a debt which I may never get the chance to repay. Well let me tell you this, inspiring someone else later on down the line can be a great little way to give something back for that aha moment in which you, yourself where inspired.

There are many good people in this world who are willing to do things just to be nice. They don’t want anything in return, not even a mention. They do it because it makes them feel good. Maybe they have been inspired earlier on in life and now they are giving back a little inspiration to help make someone else in being great.

So give and you shall receive, maybe not yourself but through your kids, or their kids. Let’s progress the human race to be a generation of people who give just to be nice.

Why Would You Want Motivational Quotes Specifically for Women?

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A journey of a thousand miles

Today’s quote of the day states that everything we do has to start somewhere. Whether you are writing a short article or running a full marathon. We all have to start somewhere.

Are you struggling to stay focused with the task at hand? Look to this quote as a little bit of inspiration and motivation to get started. Take your first step and don’t look back. Often the hardest part is getting out of the starting block.

Todays quote of the day links up perfectly with the quote we have linked to below. So start your journey today, in six months time you will look back and thank yourself.

If not now when? 😉



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Life goes on

Life goes on

Wow ain’t this the truth! When u first split with someone you have had a special relationship with, you feel like there is no way forward. It hurts inside you heart, your stomach and your soul. It can seem like all is lost, your other half has gone.

After a few days/weeks or months you start to realise that there is more to life then that relationship. You may not meet someone straight away but other relationships may blossom with friends and / or family and you may start to enjoy doing things you stopped doing , or never did while in your previous relationship.

I had a good friend commit suicide over a woman. He had everything going for him. It was such a waste of life. This was 20 years ago and I still wonder, if only he had held on a few weeks and started to get over her, what would he of achieved by now.

Life moves on, it hurts like hell at first. Hang in there and I guarantee that this little quote will come true for you aswel.

Do good for others

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Be stronger then your excuses

Today’s quote of the day is a powerful and worthy one. “Be stronger than your excuses”

Quote of the day

It is so easy to make excuses when we don’t want to do something. We justify our reasons for not doing it by convincing ourselves that we don’t have time, don’t have the necessary things or we just simply can’t or won’t do it.

stop making excuse to put off the things that really need doing. You are strong enough to overcome your reasons for not wanting to do these things.

How to get Motivational Quotes in YOUR Inbox Every Day. 🌹

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