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Life goes on

Life goes on

Wow ain’t this the truth! When u first split with someone you have had a special relationship with, you feel like there is no way forward. It hurts inside you heart, your stomach and your soul. It can seem like all is lost, your other half has gone.

After a few days/weeks or months you start to realise that there is more to life then that relationship. You may not meet someone straight away but other relationships may blossom with friends and / or family and you may start to enjoy doing things you stopped doing , or never did while in your previous relationship.

I had a good friend commit suicide over a woman. He had everything going for him. It was such a waste of life. This was 20 years ago and I still wonder, if only he had held on a few weeks and started to get over her, what would he of achieved by now.

Life moves on, it hurts like hell at first. Hang in there and I guarantee that this little quote will come true for you aswel.

Do good for others

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