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C.S Lewis: Quote of the day 😀

Todays Quote of the day comes from the Popular Chronicles of Narnia author Clive Staples Lewis.

How to get Motivational Quotes in YOUR Inbox Every Day. 🌹

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Anyway, here is another motivational quote for you.

Motivational quote: Persistence always wins.
Keep at it, persistence always wins.
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Elizabeth Kenny: Quote of the day

Today’s Quote of the day is by someone most of us haven’t heard of.

Sister Elizabeth Kenny was an Australian bush nurse. Today’s inspirational quote for women author developed a new but controversial method for treating poliomyelitis victims. Rather then the traditional method of using plaster casts to treat patients, Kenny applied hot compression to affected areas of the patients body. This was followed by passive movements to the area which was designed to reduce spasm.

Ultimately Kennys method would become the foundation to modern day physiotherapy.

In 1946 Kenny’s pioneering methods would be widely recognized by the global population when her story was told in the film “sister Kenny“. The actress who played Kenny, Rosalind Russel, was nominated for an academy award for her role as best actress.

As far as inspiring quotes for women go, today’s quote could be seen as a cliche to many. How many times have you heard your mother say, “if you let them get to you then they have won” or “don’t get mad, get even” there are many variations, all of which mean a similar thing.

It is best to let it slip then spend time brewing over something someone said or did. If they knew how much time u had spent feeling outraged, they would definitely feel like they had won.

Be the one to let it go, and don’t spend another moment thinking about how they have annoyed you. Majority of the time, these people are only doing for a reaction.

Don’t give them the satisfaction.

How to get Motivational Quotes in YOUR Inbox Every Day.

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Martin Luther King: Quote of the day

Todays Quote of the day comes from 1964’s Nobel peace price winner Martin Luther King.  He won the renowned award for his none-violent campaign against racism. Ironically, adhering to the words in his own quote would cost Luther King his life.  It is not known if his murder by a white racist was one man acting upon his own racial views or whether it was part of a bigger conspiracy after Luther King fell out of favour with the govenment over his views on the Vietnam policy.

Martin Luther Kings struggle began in 1955 when he set about persuading the US government to declare racial discrimination in the southern states as being unlawful .

Luther Kings dream was that all Americans be judged by their personal qualities and not by the colour of their skin.  Although his motives were of best intentions, Luther kings speeches often stirred up contempt among his conservative counter parts.  They believed black people should remain “the inferior race” .

250,000 of Martin Luther kings followers marched on the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.  What then followed was Luther Kings famous  “I have a dream” speech. Consequently, the following year President Linden Johnson got a law passed which would ban any racial discrimination against blacks.

Luther King came up against some tough opposition and was oppressed by many in the southern states. However, as todays “Quote of the day” states,  he did keep moving forward until he achieved his “vision”

Quote of the day martin luther king


How to get Motivational Quotes in YOUR Inbox Every Day.

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