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Beat Anxiety

Anxiety, control it!

“Easier said than done” hmm “pls show me if you know how!”

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Be a nice person

Do things with kindness

It costs nothing at all to be a nice person in everyday life. Some people only act nice in order to impress others. IMHO that is phoney as heck and only acts to feed said persons ego or look good on someones Facebook timeline or youtube video. The geniune person will gladly help someone and then walk the other way without a thought about advertising the good deed they have just carried out.
If you carry out a good deed does it make you feel warm and fuzzy inside even if nobody else see’s what you did? Or will you only do that deed if you know others are watching?

be a nice person

How i like to be a nice person

A few weeks ago my husband and i were feeling quite sorry for him and could tell he was too proud to ask for help or make a fuss about his daily struggles. So my wife went over and offered our assistance with things like shopping and running every day errands which have become difficult for him. A week passed and other then saying hi in passing we heard nothing. Then last week our neighbour rang and asked if we could top up his gas and electric meters. So obviously my husband went and did it straight away. We then asked if there was anything he needed help with on a daily basis. “if you could just wheel my bin out once a week that would be a great help”. My husband said “sure, but pls let us know if you need anything at all”. We are willing to do anything we can to make his final days a little easier. He is largely alone except when his carer pops in a couple times a week. I cannot imagine what it is like for him knowing that very soon he will no longer be on this earth. It really breaks our hearts but it makes us feel better to know that whenever he needs assistance, he can just pick up the phone, and ask us to go round.

So why are we doing this? Do we get anything out of it? Does it help us in anyway? Yes of course we get something out of it, satisfaction, a feeling of worth and knowing that we are making the final days of a dying mans life a little easier. How would anyone in his position feel? I would hate to be in his shoes with no family around in my final days. When he is gone I will personally do my best to see he gets a good turnout at his send off.

So have we done this to prove we are nice people? Definitely not and this is the first I have spoken about this. Do I feel I am a nice person for doing this? Yes I get a great amount of self satisfaction and I sleep Damn well at night.

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Life goes on

Life goes on

Wow ain’t this the truth! When u first split with someone you have had a special relationship with, you feel like there is no way forward. It hurts inside you heart, your stomach and your soul. It can seem like all is lost, your other half has gone.

After a few days/weeks or months you start to realise that there is more to life then that relationship. You may not meet someone straight away but other relationships may blossom with friends and / or family and you may start to enjoy doing things you stopped doing , or never did while in your previous relationship.

I had a good friend commit suicide over a woman. He had everything going for him. It was such a waste of life. This was 20 years ago and I still wonder, if only he had held on a few weeks and started to get over her, what would he of achieved by now.

Life moves on, it hurts like hell at first. Hang in there and I guarantee that this little quote will come true for you aswel.

Do good for others

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Remember the lesson 👍🏽

All to often people get hung up on our mistakes. They are all to quick to point out where we went wrong instead of focusing on what we can learn from said mistake.

life is full of experiences from which we learn, whether we succeeded from that experience or came away with bad results. We should try and learn from it no matter what.

So forget the mistake and remember the lesson.

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Think about things differently 🤔

If you have an idea for an online business and then find out it has been done before.  Try and look at it from a different angle, put your own touch on it and some how do things differently. You might just surprise yourself and everyone else for that matter.

How to get Motivational Quotes in YOUR Inbox Every Day. 🌹


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