Be the change you want to see in the world 🌎

It’s very easy to talk about how we would improve the world, or what we would change if we had the power to make Mother Earth a better place.

“Talk is cheap, if your really feeling frogish then you gotta leap “ that’s how Eminem summed it up anyway 😉 In other words, don’t just talk about doing something, do it!

So as today’s quote of the days says, be the change you would love to see in the world! Even the little things can make a huge difference!

Do important things now

I am guessing more then a few of us are guilty of putting off important things?
I am an expert at having to do things last minute simply because i let  deadlines approach.

The important things in life are often not the things we get fun from doing, therefor, we postpone for as long as we possibly can, and then regret leaving ourselves with little time to perform a task which should of been easy.  So take note of this quote and try to get it done with plenty of time to spare.

A life without love 💔

Todays quote of the day talks about a lack of love in the same sentence as the lack of sun during the summer.

a life without love is like a life without summer. Hmm probably something  very few have to experience. I am confident that everyone on the planet experiences a loving relationship at one  point or another in their life.

Something new

Hey friends…

Something a little different today. This is not a quote at all.
today on our lovely country walk we came across this mock windmill house.

built around 10 years ago this cute building sits at the bottom of Goodmanham Village near market weighton.

Inside is probably low on natural light but this houses general cosines more then makes up for that.

Remember the lesson 👍🏽

Remember the lesson 👍🏽

All to often people get hung up on our mistakes. They are all to quick to point out where we went wrong instead of focusing on what we can learn from said mistake.

life is full of experiences from which we learn, whether we succeeded from that experience or came away with bad results. We should try and learn from it no matter what.

So forget the mistake and remember the lesson.

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