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6 steps to remaining young

Ah the Gusto of youth. So fresh and innocent, truly the best time of our life. Such a shame that we all neglect to appreciate it until it has slipped away like a thief into the night. When we’re young the cliche is “cant wait till im older” and then when we are grown up we want to be  right back there and just feel young forever. This really puts meaning on the words “You dont know what you have till its gone”. That is why we have brought you these steps to remaining young Making mistakes is all part of growing up, but if you could, would you go back and fix some of those misjudgements?

6 steps to remaining young

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This post is not meant to help you stay young with skincare products or anti ageing cream. Nor is it going to pick an exercise regime for you. As is the general theme of this site we aim to inspire you with words of wisdom from people who have been there, done it themselves and shared with us their experiences and motivations. I’m no spring chicken, but this works for me.  I hope you can feel young forever too.

So how do you stay young forever? How can you defy your age? How do you preserve joyful youth, and how can you remain passionate and energetic?

6 steps to feel young forever

Here are 6 steps which if you follow them regularly, will keep you young in heart, young in mind, young in body and feeling young forever

Step 1

Imagine that you are living life that is young and energetic.  Or imagine that you find yourself in various situations in which the young people enjoy themselves. It could be a wild night at the disco,  or a wild football match. Or it could be romance with the person you love or anything. So just concentrate on youthful activities.

Step 2

The image you create for yourself should produce the specific effects you have in mind. In other words, if you think you are getting old and falling behind the times, enjoy a dance in the disco. That will keep you in-touch with your youthfulness. Or if you are old and wrinkled and want to look young. Just imagine you have smooth, supple and wrinkle-free skin.

Step 3

Imagine that you are extremely awake, athletic and youthful. Imagine yourself in movements that you performed as freely as you did as a teenager. This is a very important visual representation. Practice it, indefinitely twice a week. Your goal is to maintain your body by using the power of creative visualisation. So it is a lifelong program that aims to bring out your youthful vitality, anytime anywhere.

Step 4

So old age is a disease that lays dormant in all of us until we get to later life. Integrate the visualisations from how to live a healthy life with the steps described here. You will notice a significant improvement in your health and may feel young forever

Step 5

Bring all your senses together, Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Focus your mind on improving each of these senses. Imagine images of yourself that allow you to hear more, taste better, see better, smell better and feel better. Practice this at least once every two days. You will find that your consciousness works better than anyone your age.

Step 6

Imagine yourself in a sea of endless energy. The water is warm and pleasant, the sky is bright and sunny. Swim through the refreshing water. Enjoy the swim, stretch your legs, push through the water as  the energy envelopes you, come out of the water and dry yourself with a large, dry towel. You are now refreshingly young and brimming with energy and you also feel that the energy within you has changed your body, and your bones. All the aches and pains of old age have dissipated. You are a new person nowand should feel young and energetic with a passionate energy inside you. You are young in spirit, body and soul.

Enjoy your reborn youth and feel young forever

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I hope you enjoyed these 6 steps to remaining young. Please check our blog page for more articles like this one. Here is a post with 8 inspirational quotes for successful women.

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