Michelle Obama- Quote of the day

Whether you like her or not today’s Quote of the day comes from the only Black First Lady that the USA has ever known. Michelle Obama inspired many with her legacy as the Woman who fought for “a healthier America” her campaign for children aimed at schools nationwide was designed to help combat obesity in children. She realized that keeping our kids from being obese at a young age would eradicate having to loose weight during adulthood. To achieve this she introduced healthier school meals and set up the partnerships for America which are set to continue long after her 8 year stint as First Lady.

When it came to “a healthier America” she didn’t just stop at being an advocate of the above. Obama also made a requirement for food labels to show added sugar amounts tang also reduced serving sizes.

Michelle also established Obama’s turnaround arts project which provides instruction to under performing schools around America.

Who would ever of thought 100 years ago that a black woman could achieve such important and influential things. So as today’s Quote of the day states, there truly is no limit to what a Women can achieve.

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Motivational Daily Quotes for women


With spring underway the human soul awaits the inevitable revival of the outdoor senses.

Some of us just hate winter. Those gloomy, cold mornings can seem to much to bare. The feeling of sanctuary we get from lying under our warm duvet is suddenly interupted by our alarm clock telling us to get up and out to work. We yearn for those warm bright mornings and the sound of the morning chorus from the birds outside.

Winter can turn to summer very abruptly some years. We embrace this as humans and often feel inspired and motivated by the warmth of the sun. This quote is not specifically for women but the whole human race.

Feel revived like this with a little quote each morning? follow the link below.

How to get Motivational Quotes in YOUR Inbox Every Day.

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When true love lasts for life.

This beautiful quote captures a true virtue of life long companionship. True love has no place for material things.  Just like the graceful barn owl, or the beautiful Swan, Humans in general are meant to be as one forever. Hence the expression “my other half”.

Daily quotes for women

Using Daily Quotes to help cope with the current crisis

When all of this world entered into lockdown, it brought about the thinking, What could we do to bring a bit of inspiration to all of those heroic mums who were about to be tested to their limits. The prospect alone of having your kids off school for at least 6 months is enough to bring even the strongest of women to their knees! Waking up to the thought of a day full of housework and working from home and now homeschooling and babysitting is now a daily thing.

So what could we do to give you a little moment of daily motivation? Something for you to look forward to when you awake up instead of just dreading the day ahead. how could we put you in a positive mindset to tackle the dreaded inevitable? A daily word that could make you appreciate what you have rather than wishing your life away.

So we came up with A daily sequence of Quotes emailed right to your inbox. Wake each morning to one of our carefully handpicked Quotes spoken by successful and popular Women from around the world and throughout history.