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C.S Lewis: Quote of the day 😀

Todays Quote of the day comes from the Popular Chronicles of Narnia author Clive Staples Lewis.

How to get Motivational Quotes in YOUR Inbox Every Day. 🌹

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Busy times, chocolate for energy😉

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Daily quotes for women ❤️

One of the interesting things about this site is the engagement that we are getting already. 🎉

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This is a labour of love and we’ll keep providing you with some motivation in these difficult times.

We’ll try to mix them up between the inspirational and motivational quotes, the funny ones, some positive and life quotes and the occasional quote about love and relationships.

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Anyway, here is another motivational quote for you.

Motivational quote: Persistence always wins.
Keep at it, persistence always wins.
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Happy Easter from Daily Quotes for Women

daily quotes for women

Regardless of the current situation, it is still Easter Sunday. If your lucky enough to be with your loved ones then enjoy your day together. For the Billions who are not so Lucky, just remember the reason behind us being apart. Just imagine how many more fatalities there could be if we were not following these important laws.

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