Daily Quotes for Women

Eliminate the negatives in your life.

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Before I discovered the power of the mind I was a negative person.

I was rude, critical, sarcastic and generally not a particularly nice person.

I was fortunate that I came across a book which fascinated me, you may have heard of it “Think and Grow Rich”.  Not everything in that book is good but it was a start for me and after years of reading and research I managed to change myself and my attitudes to other people and life in general.

Now I am recognised by my friends and family as one of the most positive people they know.  I can assure you that the change in attitude wasn’t easy but it was inevitable once I knew what to do.

The video above lays out many of the steps I took and the ones you need to take if you wish to improve your life and potentially your finances.

Watch it and comment below to tell me what you think about this.

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