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Zelda Fitzgerald: Quote of the day

Zelda Fitzgerald was a popular American Novelist, painter and socialite. She was well known for her looks and cheery ways.  Born in 1900  Zelda passed away at the premature age of 48, leaving behind amongst some good written works this cheeky little quote of the day.

As this Global pandemic persists, and half the world is under lock down, how are you coping with reality? More people are coming to terms with this new “normal” and the majority are sticking to the rules. So well done to each of you for doing you bit. We hope we can bring a little inspiration into your life on a daily basis with these quote of the day

Why not go one step further and have a motivational quote right to your inbox every morning. See below Zelda Fitzgeralds quote specifically for women.

quote of the day

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  • DailyWomen

    Are we really gonna be out of lockdown by may? A tad optimistic IMO

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