Daily Quotes for Women

Quote of the day 05/04/20

Remember all those curiosities about life when you were really young? All the excitement about what grown up life had in store. All those little lessons you learned along the way. I remember feeling invincible, free and unstoppable!
I was full of courage.
But then real life came calling, stipped away my innocence through all the rejection, break-ups, neglect and death of loved ones.
As i lost the ruddy gusto of youth i soon found adult life was not as appealing as i had once thought.
But that is just true life, we can either wither away like an autumn leave or grab life by the balls, learn from mistakes and decide which people are worth having in your life.

Even the smallest people in life can have huge courage to tackle life head on.
Use this nice little quote to realize you can do anything u put your mind to.


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