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Do good for others

Some people only do things for others when they know there is something in it for themselves. This is a selfish outlook on life and I can guarantee that you will make few genuine friends like that.

My grandmother was one of the most selfless people I have ever known. She would help anybody she could without ever asking for anything in return.

When it came to later life when she was in her 90s and totally unable to look after herself, she reaped the rewards ten fold. She would get constant visits from her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on. She was never lonely like a lot of elderly people are.

My gran had no care for materialistic things in this world. In her spare time she would go out collecting door to door for charities. Her happiness came from helping others and making other people happy. She was a true saint of this world.

At her funeral the local church had to put up marquees outside the church to accommodate the hundreds of people attending.

So as this lovely quote suggests, do good for others and you will be rewarded in ways you never expected.

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Elizabeth Kenny: Quote of the day

Today’s Quote of the day is by someone most of us haven’t heard of.

Sister Elizabeth Kenny was an Australian bush nurse. Today’s inspirational quote for women author developed a new but controversial method for treating poliomyelitis victims. Rather then the traditional method of using plaster casts to treat patients, Kenny applied hot compression to affected areas of the patients body. This was followed by passive movements to the area which was designed to reduce spasm.

Ultimately Kennys method would become the foundation to modern day physiotherapy.

In 1946 Kenny’s pioneering methods would be widely recognized by the global population when her story was told in the film “sister Kenny“. The actress who played Kenny, Rosalind Russel, was nominated for an academy award for her role as best actress.

As far as inspiring quotes for women go, today’s quote could be seen as a cliche to many. How many times have you heard your mother say, “if you let them get to you then they have won” or “don’t get mad, get even” there are many variations, all of which mean a similar thing.

It is best to let it slip then spend time brewing over something someone said or did. If they knew how much time u had spent feeling outraged, they would definitely feel like they had won.

Be the one to let it go, and don’t spend another moment thinking about how they have annoyed you. Majority of the time, these people are only doing for a reaction.

Don’t give them the satisfaction.

How to get Motivational Quotes in YOUR Inbox Every Day.

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Michelle Obama- Quote of the day

Whether you like her or not today’s Quote of the day comes from the only Black First Lady that the USA has ever known. Michelle Obama inspired many with her legacy as the Woman who fought for “a healthier America” her campaign for children aimed at schools nationwide was designed to help combat obesity in children. She realized that keeping our kids from being obese at a young age would eradicate having to loose weight during adulthood. To achieve this she introduced healthier school meals and set up the partnerships for America which are set to continue long after her 8 year stint as First Lady.

When it came to “a healthier America” she didn’t just stop at being an advocate of the above. Obama also made a requirement for food labels to show added sugar amounts tang also reduced serving sizes.

Michelle also established Obama’s turnaround arts project which provides instruction to under performing schools around America.

Who would ever of thought 100 years ago that a black woman could achieve such important and influential things. So as today’s Quote of the day states, there truly is no limit to what a Women can achieve.

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Motivational Daily Quotes for women


With spring underway the human soul awaits the inevitable revival of the outdoor senses.

Some of us just hate winter. Those gloomy, cold mornings can seem to much to bare. The feeling of sanctuary we get from lying under our warm duvet is suddenly interupted by our alarm clock telling us to get up and out to work. We yearn for those warm bright mornings and the sound of the morning chorus from the birds outside.

Winter can turn to summer very abruptly some years. We embrace this as humans and often feel inspired and motivated by the warmth of the sun. This quote is not specifically for women but the whole human race.

Feel revived like this with a little quote each morning? follow the link below.

How to get Motivational Quotes in YOUR Inbox Every Day.

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